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How to care for your Bird's-Nest Fern

DATE:July 16, 2020BY:Little Pilea

Bird's Nest Fern is native to tropical regions. It is typically found in moisture-rich areas closer to or on the ground. It will thrive and make more crinkle leaves when it receives the right indoor environment.


Your Bird’s Nest Fern grow best in medium to low light. Place your plant in an area of your home with indirect or shady light, preferably by a bright, north-facing window. Too much light or direct sunlight will cause the fronds on the fern to yellow and die.


Water your Bird's Nest Fern with soft or distilled water only when the soil is dry, usually every 5-7 days depending on the indoor climate and lighting conditions. Let the water drain through the bottom, then allow to dry out completely between waterings.

This plant enjoys moderate humid area.


Temperature between 65°F-80°F, perhaps average home temperature.


During spring and summer, you can feed your plant a diluted general houseplant fertilizer (at half strength) every two or three weeks to promote growth and healthy leaves.


Bird's Nest Fern is not toxic for dogs, cats and humans.


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