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How to care for your Pothos

DATE:July 16, 2020BY:Little Pilea

Pothos are climbing plants that are native to the islands of French Polynesia but have became a popular houseplants across the world nowadays. There are a plethora of Pothos varieties ranging from the popular Golden Pothos, the Queen Marble Pothos with its marble-like leaves, the Neon Pothos with its bright yellow leaves to the rarer varieties like the Satin Pothos with its matte silk-like leaves. All Pothos are the easiest of all houseplants to take care of and can easily fit into any busy lifestyle while still adds beautiful contrast to your indoor scenery.


Pothos thrives in bright, indirect light but can adopt to a variety of indirect light conditions. Harsh, direct sunlight will damage the leaves, while too little light will make the plant produce smaller leaves.

Satin Pothos Care Guide
The Satin Pothos

Keep soil moist, but not overwater. Water with soft water or distilled water only when the top inch of the soil is dry, usually every 5-7 days depending on the indoor climate and lighting conditions. Let the water drain through the bottom, then allow to dry out completely between waterings.

The plant enjoys slightly more humid environment like bathroom or kitchen.


Temperature between 65°F-85°F, perhaps average home temperature. However they are tropical plants so prefer high humidity and temperatures.


During spring and summer, you can feed your plant a diluted general houseplant fertilizer (at half strength) every two to three weeks to promote growth and healthy leaves.


Pothos is mildly toxic to pets and humans. Please always take extra caution and keep houseplants out of reach of children and pets.


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