How To Revise Cold Damaged Plants

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How To Revise Cold Damaged Plants

DATE:February 15, 2021BY:Pilea Tigur

After cold weather or plants traveling through cold regions, you're going to see brown and drooping foliage from our plants. Are they completely gone? Yes and No. When the freezing weather hits, the water freezes in the leaf and stem systems, freezing delicate capillaries. Obviously, they have some kind of damage or even look dead. Let's learn how to accept that and how to salvage them.

Watering and sunbathing  

 Adequate water and sun are very first step and the best method to help plants recover from the trauma and stress. When plants experience a freeze, moisture is removed from their tissues. Giving your damaged plants water slowly allows them to rehydrate. Don't forget providing them a lot of indirect sunlight, good ventilation, and adequate drainage to avoid mold and fungal diseases. 

Sit tight and wait a little longer

Don't start ripping out or pruning plants until you can figure out how well they faired. Pruning may only stress the plants further. Wait a few more days until the weather warms up (or move them to warm place) to see the full extent of the damage. This also gives the plants time to recuperate. Sometime, it is not as bad as it looks.

For soft plants, remove anything that's a soggy mess or completely dead.

For hardy plants, also remove brown and mushy leaves. Scratch the stems/branches. If there is brown underneath, it is a sign of damage. Prune them off. If there is green underneath, it will be okay and will be able to bounce back.

You may have to trim them back to the base. However, if the root is still good, it will provide new shoots in Spring.

Don't start fertilizing just yet 

Yes, we want to give them a nutrient boost to help it repair itself. However, fertilizer will only encourage new growth, which could be negatively impacted in the event of another cold snap. Monitor the weather and temperature before applying more fertilizer. Give the plant some times to heal itself and we can always fertilize in the Spring.




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